Laszlo, ROZGONYI (1894-1948) Dreamers, cca. 1940., cardboard, water-colour, chalk, 48x56 cm, signature: Rozgonyi

Piroska MERSITS ( 1926-?) In the village , paper, water-colour, 30x42 cm

Ernő, BARTA (1878-1956) Lady from behind, lithographySignature: Barta E.,

András WAHORN ( 1953- ) Empty room 1986., art - press IV/VII. EA.

Bertalan, PÓR (1880-1964) Bunch at the Balaton lake, paper,pencil drawing, 26x42 cm, with inheritance stamp

Kornél, SZENTGYÖRGYI (1916-2006) Panorama of Eszterom , 57x75 cm, oil, wood, signed

Still life with flowers, oil, canvas, 80x64 cm, signature: Dick

Janos, SCHADL (1892-1944) Portrait of a young soldier,Paper, ink, 32x24 cm, signature: Schadl 1940.

Icon, 19th century, oil, wood, Russian silver, 18x14 cm

István, SZŐNYI (1894-1960) Girl with a basket, paper,coal drawing, 45x27 cm, signature: Szőnyi

Sándor, UNGVÁRY (1883-1951) Springtime sonata, 35x50 cm, oil,canvas, signed

Ernő, SCHUBERT ( 1903-1960) Madonna and child , 37x26 cm , 1941.,oil,wood,signed

Jenő, SZANTRUCSEK (Munich, 1903-1954/1965(?)), South-African village, cardboard, coal drawing, signature: Szantrucsek Jenő

Kornél SZENTGYÖRGYI ( 1916-2006 ) Woman in red coat 1961., oil , wood , 60 x 50 cm

Imre, LADÁNYI / Emory Ladányi (Budapest, 1902 - New York, 1986)Farewell. linocut, 20x20 cm, signature: Ladányi 31.

Mihály, BÍRÓ (1886-1948) Young couple in the fields, paper, water-colour, 36x27 cm, signature: Bíró M.

Ferenc, P. KOVÁTS (1911-1983) Still life with ceramics of a geisha, oil, canvas, 80x60 cm, signature: P. Kováts F. 1976.

István SZŐNYI ( 1894-1960) Embracing ,10x18 cm, black ink,paper,signed

Viktor VASARELY (1908-1997) Sculpture-Installation,Perspex, ,33x30x5 cm, paper, plexi,signed

György NÉMETH (1888-1962) Rural yard with cart,oil, wood, 22x35 cm, signature: Németh György

Gellért, OROSZ (1919-2002) Still life, oil, canvas, 71x50 cm,Signature: Orosz G. 1954.

Árpád,MÜLLER (1961-2006)Nude from 1998.,57x50 cm,oil,canvas,signed

Miklós, FARKASHÁZY (1895-1964) Way to the sea, Linocut, 23x25 cm, signature: Farkasházy M.

Ágost BAJOR ( BAYER) ( 1892-1958) Houses in the sunshine , oil, cardboard, signed, 50x40 cm

Lipót, BŐHM (Poldi) (1916-1995) Composition,oil, wood, 60x118 cm, signature: Poldi 77.

Félix ( Bódog) WIDDER ( 1874-1939) Sunny forest , 100x75 cm, oil, canvas , signed

Gyula,RUDNAY (1878-1957) Reveller company , etching, 13x19 cm, signed

Erzsébet, VASKOVITS (1868 - ?) After bathing 1899., oil, canvas 146x106 cm, signature: Vaskovits

Gyula,BERON ( 1885-1971) Eastern Railway station ( Budapest), pencil,paper, 27x27 cm,signed

Lóránt, NYÁRI (1928-1982) Gellért-hill / Clowns, etching,48x27 cm, signature: Nyári Lóránt 1981.

Éva, KÁRPÁTI (1936-) Hatter lady , 47x37 cm, oil , wood, signed

Gábor KÁSSA ( 1893-1961) Arriving ferry , 1942., cardboard, water-colour, 80x140 cm, signed

Ili, SZIRMAI (Mrs. Marsovszky) (1869-1945) On the path, paper, black ink, chalk, 27x25 cm, signature:Szirmai

Oszkár,GLATZ (1872-1958) Blowing bubble of soap, 30x20 cm, etching, signed

Gyula, SILHAVY, Grotesque scene, oil, canvas, 32x30 cm Signature: Silhavy Gyula 1917.

Lipót GEDŐ ( Túrkeve,1887-New-York,1952) The coach from kids , cardboard, mixed technique, 50x60 cm , signed

Gyula, MAROSÁN (1915-2003) Composition, oil, canvas,36x46 cm, signature: Marosán 1960.

Oszkár, TORDAI SCHILLING (1880 - ?), Beggar, paper, pencil, Coal drawing, signature: Tordai Schilling

Endre Vadász ( 1901-1944) , etching, 1935,1935., 10x8 cm

Kálmán ISTÓKOVITS ( 1898-1990) The last dinner 1939., paper, mixed technique , 20x27 cm ,signed

István, BIAI-FÖGLEIN (1905-1971) Corvin, cca. 1930.paper, pastel, 60x42 cm, signature: Biai

Mihály, PATAY (1910-1956) Panorama of Amalfi, woodcut,35x12 cm, signature: Patay 1925.

With signature of Bretschneider, linocut, 24x24 cm

László, BALLA (1906 - ?) Street in Transylvania, paper, coal drawing,62x48 cm, signature: Balla

Stunt in the circus, cardboard, pastel, 40x60 cm, signature:Pataky Ferenc

Jenő, KRON (1882-1974) Young lady’s portrait, 40x30 cm, etching ,signed,1935.

Barta Ernő (1878-1956) The seedsman, paper, coal drawing,63x48 cm, signature: Barta E.

With signature of Bretschneider, linocut, 24x24 cm

The opium, signature: HBJ 1931., paper, ink drawing, 37x21 cm

György ,ALMÁR ( György FRANKEL)(1895-1974) Flowers ont the garden table, 50x60 cm,oil,cardboard

Jenő TARJÁNI SIMKOVICS ( 1895-) The family 1925.,etching, 12x15 cm

Magda,ZEMPLÉNYI (1899-1965) Nighttime nude , 50x70 cm,oil,canvas,signed

Pál,MOLNÁR C. ( 1894-1981) Lilac nightfall, 33x43 cm, oil,cardboard , signed: Molnár Pál

Piroska MERSITS ( 1926-?) At the station of the cross , paper, water-colour, 30x42 cm

Elemér ANTAL ( 1896-?) Nagycsepely place , 1935, paper, water - colour, 33x49 cm,

Jenő TARJÁNI SIMKOVICS ( 1895-?) Whisperers , etching , 1929., 23.5x 34 cm

István, SOÓS ( 1900-?) Port of Livorno 1934, oil,cardboard ,60x80 cm, signed

Gyula BATTHYÁNY earl ( 1887-1959) The Hungarian dream, 128x88 cm, oil ,canvas

Ignác,NÁDOR (NEUMANN) (1848-1927) Sill life with flowers , 45x45 cm,oil,canvas,signed

Panorama of Venice , signed : S.G. 1909 ., 15x25 cm water-colour

Iván, PÓLYA (1889-1939) Reading lady, oil, canvas60x50 cm, signature: Pólya,

Unknown 20th century Hungarian painter, Collage,water-colour, 48x33 cm, without signature

With signature of Bretschneider, linocut, 24x24 cm

István SZŐNYI ( 1894-1960) Motherhood , etching , 33x24 cm

Dalma, KAKUSZ (1914 -?) Still life with a book of BenedekIstván, oil, canvas, 60x50 cm, signature: Kakusz

Károly CSERNA ( 1867-1944), Cairo , 70x100 cm , oil-canvas , signed by Cserna,

Miklós, BÁNOVSZKY (1895-1995) Girl at the window(Panorama of Szentendre town), oil, canvas, 60x80 cm,

Kálmán, ISTOKOVITS (1898-1990) Self-portrait (My toothache)oil, canvas, 40x30 cm, signature: Istókovits 1928.

Kálmán,ISTÓKOVITS (1898-1990) Saxon churches ,22x13 cm, paper,water-colour,signed

Ferenc, SASS-BRUNNER (1882-1963) Girl wearing bonnet, oil, canvas, 58x40 cm, signature:Sass Brunner F.

József, PETTES (1896-?) Who is the most beautiful ? 1928.,oil,canvas,45x35 cm,signed

Original 19th century of fashion ideas

Unknown XX centtury painter, The Champion, 50x40 cm, oil, wood

István NAGY ( 1873-1937) Looker- on sunshine,37x28 cm, black chalk ,signed

Unknown XIX ceury painter, Nightfall landscape ,30x42 cm, oil,canvas

Dezső, FÁY (1888-1954) Woodcut, 10x13 cm, signature:Fáy

István Szőnyi ( 1894-1960) Getting dressed , 1933., etching , 22x15 cm, signed

Antal, JANCSEK ( 1907-1965) Hillside ,oil,canvas, 40x57 cm, signed

Antal Neogrády ( 1861-1942) Picking flower , oil-card, 20x23 cm

Ákos, ZSÓTÉR (1895 - ?) Still life with apples, oil, canvas,80x60 cm, signature: Zsótér 1930.

György, RUZICSKAY (1896-1993), The Family 1937., colour lithography, signature: Ruzicskay

Félix Bódog,WIDDER (1874-1939) Summer int he forest ( Diósjenő,1936.),100x75 cm,oil,canvas,signed

Antal, BERKES (1874-1938) Arrival to the wintry Casino , 70x90 cm, oil,cardboard, signed

Miklós BORSOS ( 1906-1991) Hippies in Florence 1974, 36x58 cm,etching,signed

István, SZIGETHY (1891-1966)Oarsman, oil, canvas, 95x75 cm, signed: Szigethy

Victor VASARELY (1908-1997) Sculpture -Installation,Perspex,38x33x7 cm,signed

Géza WÁGNER (1879-1939), Street in Brittany, pastel on paper, 45x60 cm

Kálmán ISTOKOVITS ( 1898-1990 ) Shepherds, 1941., oil on cardboard, 30x48 cm

Panci FÁBRY (?-?) Steiff dolls, 1925., München, oil on canvas, 70 x 85 cm

Greta SELLBERG-WELLAMSON (1885-1946) Venice, watercolor on paper, 14x25 cm

Austrian landscape with unidentified signature, watercolor on paper, in biedermeier frame, 17x13 cm

Virginia FRESCURA (worked in Venice in the 19th century) – On the the Venice shores, oil on cardboard, signed down right, 30x23 cm

Virginia FRESCURA (worked in Venice in the 19th century) – Around the Venice shores, oil on cardboard, signed down right, 30x23 cm

Ákos GARAY (1866-1952) The girl from the town, 1919., watercolor on paper, signed down right

Károly PATKÓ ( 1895-1941 ) Bathers, 1925., etching, 21x25 cm, signed

Zoltán FREYTAG (1901-1983) Still-life, 80x60 cm, oil on fiberboard, signed down left

Etelka VÍZKELETI WITTMANN (1903-1994) French harbour, 60x80 cm, oil on canvas, signed down left

Kocsárd /Károly/ BRETTSCHNEIDER (1880-1940) Dancing woman, pastel on paper, signed down right, 55x40 cm

Adolf FÉNYES ( 1867-1945 ) Boy with a jar, etching, 29x20 cm, signed

Imre PERLMUTTER (1870-1953) Resting shepherd, oil on wood, signed down right, 10x12 cm

Vilmos MURIN (1891-1952) Still life with roses, oil on canvas, 80x60 cm, signed down left