Candlestick, bronze, firegold-plated, early 19th century,

Candlestick, bronze, late 19th century, 22 cm

Art nouveau leather folder with opener knife

Moving melody doll

Art deco chrome plated candlesticks , 20-35 cm

Art nouveau set, silver-plated, marked by SZANDRIK

Zsolnay hand-painted cachepot , XIX century, 37x73 cm

Inkpot on marble pedestal, with Viennese bronze dog , early XXth century

Art deco inkpot

Art nouveau double bowl , early XX century, Hungarian (?), 45 cm

Candlestick, cast iron, cca. 1830., 23 cm

Tray for calling card, brass, early 20th century, 13x13x13 cm

Art nouveau bowl , tin Moorish figure , crystal glass, early XX century, 47 cm

Gothic lock, iron , 15/16th century, 29 cm

Art nouveau desktop frames, early XX century, 27x18 cm

Art nouveau pencil-case with tin portrait of Cleopatra , marble foot , French, early XX century

Desktop frame , 40x27 cm, bronze, tin, cca. 1930.

Pair of candlestick, bronze, firegold-plated, early 19th century,30 cm

Cigar/Cigarette holder from the XIX century

Lithophan, gold-plated, porcelain, early 19th century

Freemason symbols ....

Art deco ashtray, with tin horse figure

Alarm clock , XX century, Hungarian, art nouveau ,38x17x10 cm

Art nouveau calling card holder, tin, 27 cm, marked

Couple of frames, cca.1970.,copper, turquoise,marked by Dobos, 8x8 cm

Art deco box from copper ,marked by an unknown silversmith

Art nouveau set for two , tin, early XX century, German

Cigar / Cigarette holder from the XIX century

German cast iron cassette ,cca 1860, 25x22x18 cm

Art nouveau bag, silver and leather

Ashtray, wood and aluminium

Compass, Marx and Mérei, Budapest, cca. 1930.

Öntöttvas asztali képkeretek párban, magyar, eleje , neorokokó stílusban, 32x23 cm

Inkpot, bronze, marbel, art nouveau, 24x8x14 cm

Art deco ashtray and smoke box ,25x10x10 cm

Clock from Vienna with French movement, cca. 1930.

Inkpot on marble footing with bronze lion statuette, early XX century

Pair of candlestick in empire style, gold plated bronze, 19th century, 75 cm

Franz BERGMANN (1861-1936) bronze card offer, 8 cm

Enameled silver box, 19th century, Austria, 5x4x1.5 cm

Desktop frame, gold plated bronze, 19th century, 51 x 40 cm

Pair of desktop frame, gold plated bronze, 19th century, 45 x 33 cm

Art nouveau desktop frame, bronze, 31 x 20 cm

Art nouveau tin box with black glass cover, figure handled, 10x14x22 cm

Jewish temple money-box, copper, early 20th century, 23x12 cm

Gingerbread form, wood, early 20th century, two-sided, 14x10x3 cm

Gold plated bronze candlestick with putto painting on the porcelain plate, 17 cm

Art nouveau tray with silver-plated ornamentation between the two glass panels, early 20th century, 24x40x3 cm

Art nouveau candlestick, French, bronze, 17 cm

Art deco boxes, with walnut veener, speciality!

Bronze ornamented box with hunting motives, around 1910, 16x10x8 cm

Carved lime-tree mirror, with hunting motives, middle of the 19th century, 57x45x40 cm

ZSOLNAY jewel-case heart-shaped ceramics, handpainted, with bronze puttos, 17x17x14 cm

Bronze vases with cloisonne ornaments, late 19th or early 20th century

Art nouveau desk frames, diverse sizes