Please let me introduce myself. I am Edith Herth, owner of Násfa Antik Galéria – who is originally a teacher of history and cultural education, who became later a valuer of work of art and an antique dealer. I have been dealing with old items, paintings, illustrations, sculptures and furniture for over 15 years. My favourite era and craze are fine and applied arts from the first half of the 20th century with special attention to the Hungarian artists and art pieces which determine the image of the antique gallery as well.

The gallery offers a vast collection of beautiful art nouveau, art deco items and ingenious Bauhaus solutions in edition to the 20th century of Hungarian sculptures and statuettes forming the main profile of our shop.

The gallery maintains active relations with several collectors, antique-dealers, art-historians, instaurators, who help us to offer a high quality work, allowing us to frequently surprise our visitors, collectors, and all our clients with new treasures on a daily basis.

We also exhibit several times each year the works of those 20th century Hungarian artists – occasionally some contemporary ones – whose value-creating art works form a bridge connecting past and present, and are predestined to become the valuable work of art of future galleries and antique-shops as well.