Maria Rahmer ( 1911-canada,1998) Nighttime woodman , glazing ceramics ,55 cm

Geza GORKA ( 1894-1971) potter, green vase, 24 cm

Géza GORKA green ceramics vase with two ears

Zsolnay porcelain vase , designed by Janos TÖRÖK, cca.1960., 40 cm

Austrian art nouveau ceramics bowl ,with plastic pattern, early XX century, 26 cm

Komlós Miklós-Komlós István, Hungarian dancers, cca. 1930.,46 cm

Art deco candlestick , Hungarian , cca.1930., 34 cm

Cup, porcelain, hand painted, gold-plated, 19th century

Maria Ráhmer (1911-1998), Playing concertina , glazing ceramics, 1930’s, 28 cm

Gymnast girl with ball, Schau Bach Kunst porcelain,37 cm, marked

Porcelain coffee set in own box by Herend

Zsolnay ceramics ash-tray for cigar , cca.1930., rare violet glazed , 16x20x12 cm

Cherub, Goldscheider ceramics, 35 cm, cca. 1910.

Zarema the dancer, Herend porcelain, 32 cm

Tea-set, Herend porcelain, Victoria BBO model, for six

Komlós brothers ( 1931-1949) , Portrait of a lady , 1930’s, 23 cm

Zsolnay ceramics , desktop decoration with egg , XIX century, 35x22x20 cm

Roóz Ilona , KISS ( 1920-?) ceramics

Pinocchio, Herendi porcelain, in original box, 22 cm, 1941.

Goldscheider ceramics mask, cca. 1930., 28 cm

Sevre porcelain box, from 1844, gilt , A.Marni signature

Zsolnay ceramics, cca. 1910’s, round marked , eozin glazing , 24x30 cm

Art deco porcelain tiger, 17x35 cm

Service for six, Herend porcelain, Victoria BBO model

Teacups from Herend , hand-painted , Victoria BBO model

Porcelain paintings from Berlin, marked by KPM , hand-painted , XIX century 21x14 cm

Art nouveau Royal dux porcelain table pomp with two girls, early XX century, Bohemian,37 cm

Porcelain vase from Herend, Chinese pattern, XX century, 35 cm

Geza GORKA (1894-1971) potter, pink vase,22cm

Austrian ceramics ( Eichwald) , desktop decoration , XIX century, 27x45x27 cm

Géza,GORKA (1894-1971) ceramic, Bird,marked

Gabriella, NAGY (1924-2008) ceramic, Mirror with candlesticks, cca.1940, 48 cm

Decor plates from Vienna, early XX century

Austrian glazed ceramics bowl , cca. 1920., 29 cm

János István, PAPP (1934-2004) ceramic , Musician faun , ceramics, 65x40x18 cm

Viennese ceramics, 50 cm, marked: W.W. Austria

Porcelain dog ….

Géza, GORKA (1894-1971) Vase, glazed ceramics, 24 cm

Zsolnay hand-painted cachepot , XIX century, 37x73 cm

Porcelain plate from Herend, hand-painted, cca. 1860., 24 cm

Zsolnay seal form of jug , mark between 1900-1902, 40 cm

Géza, GORKA (1894-1971) Pink bird, glazed ceramics,18x12 cm

Rosenthal (Empire) porcelain set for 6 person

Individual ceramics from the 1930’s

Miklós, KOMLÓS-István, KOMLÓS from the 1930’s, Woodcutter, 28 cm, signed

György, BAKSA SOÓS (1908-1978)Mask, glazed ceramics, 27 cm, signed: Baksa Soós 1931.

English made toothbrush holder from ceramics in style of secessionist early XX century, 18 cm

Retro ceramics vase, 40 cm, signed

Cups from Meissen

Herendi Chinese sleeping baby, 20 cmCURIOSITY!

Porcelain plate from Herend , hand-painted, between 1884-1896, 22 cm

János István, PAPP (1934-2004) ceramic, Bird , 55x25x47 cm

Frog, eozin glaze of Zsolnay ceramics, 24 cm

Komlós brothers ( 1931-1949) Young couple sitting on the bench, cca.1930., 22x22 cm

Amphora vase, Vienna, cca. 1910, 26 cm

János István, PAPP ( 1934-2004) ceramic, Musician figure, 26x26 cm

Herendi set for cake, with Ming pattern

Jozsef GONDOS (1909-1987) sculptor , Embracing , ceramics statue,cca.1930,50 cm

Miklós KOMLÓS-István KOMLÓS (1931-1949) Young couple, glazing ceramics.cca.1930.,marked

Porcelain figure of Sirano from Herend , XX century, hand-painted , 32 cm

Gabriella NAGY ( 1924-2008) potter , The dog, ceramics, 25x40x20 cm

Vase from Eichwald, 45 cm

Czech / Austrian ceramics from the late XIXth century

Chinese vase with cover, hand-painted , XX century, 60 cm

Maria Rahmer ( 1911-1998), Portrait of a lady , glazing ceramics, 22 cm

Retro ceramics vase, 40 cm, signed

Sevre porcelain box, from 1844, gilt , A.Marni signature

Katalin STAIND ( 1928-) The queen, cca.1960, glazed pottery, 40 cm

Cigar ashtray by Zsolnay ceramics works, with boar figure , Hungarian, XX.century

Biedermeier cup from Vienna, early 19th century, gold plated, painted porcelain

György GYARMATI ( 1910-) ceramist, Glazed ceramic box with penguin figures, 30x30x34 cm

Géza GORKA ( 1894-1971 ) glazed ceramics, 20x20x24 cm

Margit IZSÉPY ceramic vase, with fish motives, 1930’s, art deco, 20x22x7 cm

Emil FISCHER (1863-1937) bowl with handle, rare decoration!, signed, 20x25x18 cm

Rosenthal porcelain vase, art deco, 1930s, 24x22 cm

Herend, porcelain jug from the 19th century, handpainted, 23 cm

French art nouveau maiolica teacups, 4 pieces, handpainted

József GONDOS (1909-1987) ceramist – Dancing boy, terracotta, handpainted, 30 cm

Ens porcelain birds, handpainted, 28x30x10 cm

Ens porcelain pheasant, handpainted, 18x16x5 cm